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So I wasn't even a customer for this business nor will I ever be after this *** knocked.on my door asking if I could give the fruit basket to my neighbor, basically doing his job for him.But instead of going back to his truck on his own and giving it to me it kept trying to persuade me to follow him and come closer and closer to his truck.

My instincts told me that this guy was up to something so I refused to follow him any further than my porch. The entire experience grossed me out so much.

What kind of company does stuff like this and hires potential child molesters?(I was a young girl still in high school at the time of this happening back in 2010) It makes me sick thinking he got away with acting so unprofessional and possibly will hurt somebody in the future but I guess there is nothing I can do about it now.

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It's actually store policy to leave with a neighbor if recipient isn't home. It's not like a package you can just leave on someone a porch. Stop thinking the world is out to get you.



Montgomery, Alabama, United States #797608

Good thing you did not get into the truck with him, he probably wanted you to polish his knobs or something.I thought child molesters usually offer their victims candy or claim they lost their dog.

Either way they had no way he was a child molester when they hired him. He is not going to right out admit he is one. If no one reported him and he has no criminal background they will hire him. How do you think all these teacher and scout masters molest children, they just have not been caught yet so if they do a background check they are clean.

The only way they can get caught is if you report them, which you did not do which is how these sickos get away with it.If you reported it they would have at least done an investigation.


My neighbor wasnt home at the time he delivered it so he decided to come over to ask if we could give it to her. I would figure they would leave a card saying they missed her or something. Either way it was such a long time ago and I moved out of state lol so I hope I dont ever see him again!


Such a smart and savvy young woman!You did the right thing and listened to your gut.

Why didn't he simply walk a few more steps over to the neighbor's himself?! Why did he come to the door empty handed?! I have been getting packages delivered for years, and no delivery person has EVER come to my door empty handed asking me to take a package next door. Why would he; HE'S RIGHT THERE!!

And asking you to come to the truck, once again not typical delivery behavior. If you see this creep again, please report him to the company.

Otherwise, you did everything perfectly.Great job keeping yourself safe!


You don't know he was a child molester. Maybe he genuinely was trying to get you to come get the darn gift basket!

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous Markham, Ontario, Canada #797616

Yeah and maybe that person in your city asking children to find a lost dog rally lost his dog.Or that person offering children rides in his car is really lost and asking for directions.

Since when do delivery guys ask you to go to their truck, they simply drop the item off at the house, not the neighbours house because the neighbour could steal the item.

This person probably made deliveries there all the time and tried something.It could be innocent but this looks suspicious.

to First Born Triplet Montgomery, Alabama, United States #797625

Right and the person that walked into a bank banishing a gun around wearing a mask really was just trying to withdraw from his account and was mistaken as a bank robber because he was on his way to a costume party and was just showing people the gun he just got. I agree with the OP, this person is a child molester. Anyone can see that.

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