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I placed order W0062010752 Delicious Daisy® Dipped Pineapple - Small. I the order I requested that my delivery be by 3 pm.

I then received a call from the store Edible Arrangements - 175...426 W Coleman Blvd e Mt Pleasant, SC 29464 telling me that they couldn't guarantee that my order would be there by 3 it might get there by 5 or 6 because they were busy and I should have placed the order yesterday....I then said ok well can you call me to give me an idea around 3 if your going to be able to make it before she gets off at 5. I was told No, I explained that I someone was able to place a call before, I was interrupted and told well I don’t know who could have done that because we don’t do that, per management. So when I ask what are my options, I was told to cancel my order. I ask her so my only option is to cancel my order, really?

Well Sir you want us to call you and were not so yes. At this point I’m really taken back by the tone and demeanor. So I told them rather than me doing that how about I call around 3 to check the status if my order will be placed. The rep said that's fine and hung up.

Where is the customer service? There was no attempt to fix the problem except a suggestion for me to cancel my order.

Product or Service Mentioned: Edible Arrangements Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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Location Evans, Ga..Called directly to the store (first mistake) to place order for delivery. The associate taking the order was obviously still in training, but I worked with her.

She placed me on hold SEVERAL times and kept asking me did I live at a certain address that I’d already said no to five times. Then she wants my credit card number before we’ve even discussed what I’m ordering. She types my CC in under the the customer at the address I told her time and time again was not me. Then she catches her errors.

Puts me on hold again(I’ve literally been put on hold five or six times) then the supervisor comes on the phone... by this time it’s too much and I just want to cancel which I told the first associate before the supervisor got on the phone. The associate said my CC hadn’t been charged. The supervisor says it was charged and she was sorry, the other associate is new.

Ok.. I’m all for learning, but until you have been trained properly.. don’t take someone’s order and don’t let the associate deal with money. Long sorry about.

Asked for refund. Tied up my account for $55 dollars with nothing to show for it.

Still waiting on refund to post. PISSED!

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