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Ordered an expensive arrangement for my mom for Mothers Day. It was delivered the Friday before.

Delivery man basically thru the arrangement at my mom & took off. When I arrived on Mothers Day & viewed what I had paid almost $100 for, I was incensed. I called the store in Palm Harbor Fl, & after a being disconnected , & then being put on hold for what seemed like eternity, I got to speak with Josh, whom I assume is the mgr. I explained the problem, noting the rotten fruit, & he explained that the website instructs you to remove the fruit from the arrangement.I told him I didn't order from the site, & that I called the store directly, & that the delivery man never gave any such instructions.

He explained that the delivery person was part time for the holiday, but he would personally take charge & send out a replacement arrangement, which I agreed seemed fair. Well, the arrangement was never sent, & U got nowhere when I again called the store.

I am currently disputing the charge with AE, but NEVER again will I order from EA !!! Buyer beware, go the flower route

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Hampstead, New Hampshire, United States #950236

I HIGHLY recommend ProFlowers; they do flowers and also have fruit. I've used them countless times on the recommendation of a friend and they just do a great job.

Have had a few complaints about delivery (leaving at the wrong door once, not delivering online) but when I've had a problem, they have settled it to my satisfaction, often sending out a whole new arrangement. Don't think I've ever had a problem with the quality of the flowers -- they are so fresh and often last over two weeks.

Have a friend who sends me flowers and gift baskets from other sites. Harry and David is definitely the winner with baskets.

Hope this is helpful.

to ejv #991484

Who the *** leaves fruit sitting out for a week without thinking "hmmm maybe I should put this in the fridge?" The prob with greedy America these days is you all want something for nothing and all these businesses end up paying the price for it and why their prices end up go up because of people like you.

to Anonymous Crawfordville, Florida, United States #1250460

He didn't say it was left out for a week; he said that it arrived a week before Mother's Day.


Whatever! It looks that arragnment was left out.

Suspicious. You should not get your money back.

Edible Arragnment would never send an arragnment like that. Pathetic.

Arvada, Colorado, United States #929078

She kept for two days without eating it and THEN you take the picture? Of course it looks gross!

Plus on holidays most arrangements are made a day ahead as to actually be able to handle getting all the orders out on that day, so you had a three day old arrangement. They deal with hundreds of orders around Mother's Day and deal with many customers so the fact that she actually got her delivery and didn't eat it is not high priority for their complaint resolution.

What do you expect then to do about it? They made the arrangement and delivered it.


I am skeptical about your complaint because the arrangement that the pictures depict is not an arrangement that was offered for Mother's Day, since they do limit the arrangements they sell that are to be delivered for the holiday. The arrangement pictured is a small Delicious Celebration with Dipped Bananas and was most definitely not for order for Mother's Day.

Oceanside, California, United States #822915

Gross! I hope you get your money back.

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