Went to a job interview at the Edible Arraignments in Martinsburg, WV located on FoxCroft Ave and was interviewed by the hostile owner Rick who after looking over my resume says "I don't believe you did this--you're stretching this don't you think? while sucking his teeth.

He then proceeds to ask me where else I applied because there was a gap of unemployment due to taking care of a terminally ill family member. He then says of this time gap, "well why didn't you go back to your job--I would've gone back." I couldn't go back because I used all my FML that's why. He also asked me what other jobs I applied to and I said that I went to Snagajob, Monster ect and he replies that you have to get off the computer and physically go apply for jobs, what jobs have you physically applied for?" So I tell him and he berates me telling me that Sears was closed a year ago." I know this I was just naming stores that I have applied to in the past. He then calls my former boss on the phone in front of me but he was unavailable to get a hold of him and hangs up and asks me "what my former boss would say about me." I proceed to tell him that he would say that I was a good employee who works hard ect.

He proceeds to say "Are you sure he would say that?" Followed by repeating the fact that "he takes missing money very seriously, I count the bank every night". I will not tolerate it. I’ve never stolen money before; have a clean record ect, so there was no need to keep repeating this. I can think of one reason and one reason only for this statement and it’s the color of my skin.

Needless to say, I told the racist *** to throw away my application. He needs to learn people skills.

I would avoid this store and Rick at all costs. I was almost in tears after leaving for him basically calling me a liar about my resume.

Product or Service Mentioned: Edible Arrangements Arrangement.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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