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I have an order being delivered to Swampscott,Mass later today and I think that brings orders I sent out to 6. The sales girl today told me I have a birthday Arrangements to pick up by the end of this month.

But she also looked and with the order I'm sending today I have sent out 6 orders in the past. I don't live near a store but I called the one closest to me today and she told me I have had in the past 6 orders placed that I never received my edible Arrangements gifts. They told me to call you or email u and straighten this out my email address is K framer 2 at or the number she gave me that is my Rewards is RNQDHK329451. I have an Edible Arr to pick up by 3/31 for my bday this month.

With the order I sent out today it makes 6 the number of orders I have sent out. I never received email or notice that I had free gifts for me to pick up. These gifts I have sent out were expensive and I'm very upset I never got notice to pick up my free gifts as I spent a lot of money on these gifts I sent 2 people and would never send out anything else, but I think I should have gotten e-mailbb notice when I had the gifts waiting for me for sending out all these edible Arrangements. I will pick up my birthday gift by the end of the month but I think I should be compensated for the ones I never got notice to pick up.

Please get back to me ASAP as I have some gifts to be sent out and want to take care of this first.

Thank you very much for your delicious fruit and for taking care of this for me. Ellen framer

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