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Well this is practically the same thing as everyone else here has described.

Ordered an arrangement to be delivered to my fiance at work for Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day comes and no delivery. As expected, she isn't very happy as she was the "only one out of her friends in a serious relationship who hadn't received anything for Valentine's Day".... Women in her office were receiving flower arrangements, etc. all day, but I tried for something different with Edible Arrangements instead of the usual flowers and chocolate routine. Boy, what a dumb move...

So, after calling the store and 877 number all day and receiving nothing but a busy signal, I had to call my fiance and let her know that I HAD in fact sent her something but it hadn't arrived, AS PROMISED by the website. I felt horrible about it all night... even though she was grateful for the "thought" of the order. Needless to say, I wasn't happy.

So 2/15 (The day AFTER Valentine's Day), I finally F I N A L L Y get to speak to a live person, after over a 100 calls to the local store (Broadway in NYC) and the corporate 877#. They SUPPOSEDLY issue a partial credit and guarantee that the delivery is on the truck and will reach the business before 5PM. Still aggravated, but at least somewhat happy with a resolution.

Guess what?

It is now 10:10AM on 2/16 (TWO days after Valentine's Day, and the day after the "for real this time" guaranteed delivery date of February 15th).... STILL no delivery to my fiance at work, AND, to top it off, still no refund or promised email confirmation of said credit.

I'm beyond frustrated and disappointed. As someone who worked in retail for over 10 years I understand a lot of what goes on behind the scenes.... and often have patience for retail stores and their workers/managers, when most do not. But, there is just no excuse for this. Like what many before me had said, I was never given a courtesy phone call to let me know the delivery would not be made (as a matter of fact, if I had to guess, I would say that the arrangement hadn't even been MADE on Valentine's Day) to facilitate me making alternate arrangements. I would've set something else up for my future wife's special day. No courtesy call was given... no customer service... no explanation or apology on their website (which, by the way, is still accepting orders for the next 6 hours and 48 minutes for guaranteed same day delivery. Yup, I *** you not... go to their website right now and look at the scrolling banner across the top of the page.. It is so unbelievable, its humorous.

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Its 4:30PM on 2/16... still no delivery.


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