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I worked here for about two weeks. When I first started the job I was really cheerful and excited about it.

Training went well at first, peeling and skewering melon slices, skewering and dipping strawberries, I liked prepping the fruit. From the start the manager basically told me that they deal with unhappy customers on the daily because of unsuccessful deliveries and unsuccessful orders and that they don't give customers a set delivery time. So when the customer asks when and if their order can be delivered at a specific time the manager said we can't give a specific time because all the other orders for that day effect the delivery route. I noticed from the start that the delivery person was bringing back a lot of arrangements only to go bad and go in the trash later.

Right away the manager gave me the key to open the store in the morning and had me there by myself answering the phone but I had to apologize to customers because I didn't know what to tell them we they complained on the phone about not receiving their orders on time. I also received a call for example where a lady was asking for a price on a new fall seasonal dipped strawberry box, because it was new I didn't see it in the book so I let her know that the dipped strawberry boxes are typically around $30 but she said "no that's not the one I'm looking for!" And very upset she exclaimed "isn't there anyone else there that can help me?!" I apologized to her and said I'm sorry I'm new here and the manager won't be back until later so she said she'd call back later but never did. One day when I was training the manager goes "you know this is a one person job, right?" Basically saying I would have to be responsible for everything, and my stomach dropped. The way they said it I did not feel good about it that I would be left alone with all these orders I wasn't even shown how to do (because when I started their computer wasn't working so I didn't even see any diagrams at all, they just threw me into it).

Also I came to realize the place is a rip off and the manager had me dipping bad strawberries that didn't even look good and said to dip them so you can't see the bruises or mold on the strawberries. I did not feel good about that. Also they reuse the gross skewers by washing them in the sink which doesn't seem very clean. The first arrangement I put together they had me use the bad strawberries that didn't even look fresh so after I put it together I didn't even feel right about it.

When I was first learning how to skewer the melon I had neatly had the peeled melon on the tray for skewering and the manager pretty much yelled at me not to do it like that. I was a little confused but was like- okay. The next day I went in and the girl that was working there ahead of me had made a huge mess, the kitchen was a mess and disgusting and slimey with fruit splatter and squished grapes on the floor from her sloppy work habits. She was also rude talking with the delivery person that was there I overheard her complaining and swearing in every sentence, the first word that comes to mind to describe this person is down right trashy.

She also was complaining and she had left her spilled coffee and cigarettes on the work counter. The delivery person said not to tell the manager that he was hanging out with her and that he "usually doesn't make up stories" but basically said he lies to the manager because he goofs around with this trashy girl. ??? It was my first day working with her and I was still new so I asked her what I should do and she said to do the melons (cut the melons, peel and skewer the slices) so I did that neatly and this time I skewered the melon in the correct labeled bin that goes in the fridge.

(The girl working their before me didn't even rinse the bin so I had to, it was smelly and I asked her shouldn't I rinse this? And she said no just put it in the bin. I went ahead and rinsed it anyways because it smelled. The girl also left bins out with moldy watermelon which I threw away and cleaned up later).

So I was skewering the melon in the clean bin neatly and then the other girl working goes "the manager is on the phone for you." So I picked up the phone and politely let them know that I was taking care of prepping the melon and he had a rude tone in his voice and said " when did we ever skewer the melon in the bin," I paused for a moment I didn't know what to say because the other day he yelled at me the way I skewered it on the tray so I was confused and he goes " DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN" and literally yelled at me over the phone. He wasn't even there to see what I was doing was neat and clean (I've never been yelled at like that by a manager before my life. Made me feel like I'd done something horribly wrong when really I was trying to do the right thing). And to think that I was new there and that girl that was working there couldn't even be of guidance or just be nice if she gave me a little direction but she didn't say anything to me about it.

She couldn't take the time to say anything to me about it but she had the time to call the manager and make some remark about me to them over the phone? After the manager yelled at me I went back to prepping the fruit and I was like holding back tears not to show how stepped on I felt inside. Then that girl took off saying "I got to go" and just left leaving this huge gross mess behind and I had to wash all the tools she used and clean up after her mess. I would think and my philosophy is that if you use it- wash it!

And if it's your mess- clean it. ??? Also they had me working there from like 9am-7pm without any word of a lunch break. I didn't complain but at the end of the day I did not like working long hours like that.

I told the manager when I started that I liked to work in the morning (so I can get out early in the afternoon) but that didn't mean I wanted to stay that late. And I remember when I was working those hours the manager was in and out that he had to pick up his daughter from school and then go out to get her something to eat. They didn't ask me if I wanted anything until after they got food for themselves and had eaten they asked me if I wanted some of their fish they were eating right there while I was cleaning, I politely said no thanks although I was hungry I don't feel comfortable eating someone else's food that they ordered for themselves. After a week of training without even seeing any diagrams it was like I was expected to know what I was doing?

I only met one other staff that worked there before me and one delivery person, other than that I was alone. Even a customer I tried helping with their order at the front desk to me said "I can't believe that they just throw you to the wolf den" and "they shouldn't just have a new person here with no help" and I tried my best to apologize to the unhappy customers.

Overall- at first it was a good experience training until I found out what it would really be like working there was really disappointing and that I would be left alone and responsible for unhappy customers when I wasn't even fully trained to be accountable. I definitely would not recommend even buying from here, they charge way too much for poor quality fruit, it's a complete rip off- just make dipped fruit or put together an arrangement yourself at home it's a lot easier to do that rather than be in a stressful position.

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