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We place an order for Mother's Day, wow what a mistake! We order chocolate covered strawberries and didn't get any, we were told there wasn't any!

We order two balloons we only got one, we were told they had no more and the service was very poor! The employee was very rude!!! Employee did not seem a bit concern about the order or the customer, Did not give us any options!

I will never ever purchase anything again with edible arrangement and I will make sure the people hear my feedback! I grade this company a great big F, very poor!!!

Monetary Loss: $99.

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You must be six years old to mistake being told no as being rude. You also most likely forgot to mention that you left this up to the last minute and they ran out, next year when you are seven do the right thing and order in advance, be prepared. I grade your preparation for mothers day an F.

to Anonymous #882476

Probably an owner or manager being snotty to someone who should have gotten what they ordered. My suggestion for you, not the customer is to Grow Up!!!

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